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Connection Counselling

"The first place to improve the world is first in one's own head and heart and hands, and then work outward from there"

-R. Pirsig

Specializing in Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Self-Esteem


Anxiety can be crippling. It can take hold and prevent you from engaging in many facets of life. It can effect you physically and mentally. Dan uses a variety of approaches to help you work through your anxiety and engage in your life in a meaningful way. Click below to learn more about the anxiety and Dan's approach to helping you release its hold on you.

Ever felt like it was a struggle just to get out of bed? The idea of engaging in anything at all seems like an insurmountable task? You might also be constantly plagued by self-critical thoughts and parts telling you there's no hope for the future. This can feel like a pit with no way out. Click the link below to learn more about depression, and the ways that therapy can help. 

Trauma can leave you feeling disconnected from yourself. Its effects are not only psychological, but physical as well. It can change your beliefs about your self, the world, and other people. It lives in the body. Dan's approach to trauma therapy is to walk alongside, go at your own pace and help you build trust within your self to process and let go of the pains that live inside. 


Not good enough at work. Not good enough in my relationship. Not good enough to make friends. Not a good enough friend, parent, son, daughter...It can be natural at times to feel this way, but when these feelings persist, and take over our headspace, they can be overwhelming. Click below to learn more about how Dan can help 

Life Direction

Feeling uncertain about where you want to go in life? Noticing similar patterns emerging in your life, and not sure why? Whatever it is you are seeking clarity for, counselling can be a useful process to help you seek that clarity and help you move forward in your life. Click below to learn more 

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