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Therapy for Depression

Depression Treatment

Depression can be incredibly crippling. It can take hold of you and convince you that you and worthless, unloveable, incapable, and that nothing will get better. It can make you not want to engage in life, let alone get out of bed in the morning. Physically, it can drain you of your energy. People get caught in the "depression cycle". The negative beliefs that depression tells you reinforce your feelings of sadness, worthlessness, hopelessness, which leads to not wanting to do anything at all. Not doing anything thus reinforces the thoughts that depression tells you, thus reinforcing the cycle over again. 


Fortunately, CBT and IFS are both highly effective strategies in recovering from your depression and breaking this cycle. Dan will help you find ways to shift these negative beliefs that depression convinces you are true, and work with those parts of you that hold those emotional beliefs to release the weight that they carry, and help you move forward in life. Dan will help you connect with your values and create a plan to help you begin to reengage again in life. 



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