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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder 

Generalized anxiety disorder effects individuals thoughts, behaviours, and physical sensations. On a cognitive level it can leave you in a constant state of worry. On a physical level, it can stimulate your fight or flight response, your body's way of preparing you for danger. To prepare you for this, your brain sends signals to your body to increase your heart rate, increase the rate of oxygen entering your body, and tensing your muscles to prepare you for the situation. Although this can be an adaptive response to react to potential threat, anxiety latches on to this response and sounds the alarm in situations where the response may not be needed. On a behavioural level it can lead one to avoid many situations in life. This can provide short-term relief from anxiety in the moment, however perpetuates long-term increases in anxiety. 


There are a variety of methods to treat anxiety. Research indicates a combination of medication and therapy provides the most effective results. Dan uses a variety of CBT and mindfulness strategies to work with GAD. These strategies can often help individuals significantly reduce their anxiety. Depending on your need, and fit, Dan may also begin with using Internal Family Systems therapy to help you access the parts that are holding anxiety and works towards bringing these parts compassion and helping them release the fears these anxious parts of you hold. 

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