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Panic Disorder

Panic attacks can feel incredibly overwhelming. They can bring with them a sense that you are going to die. There can be a sense of losing control, of feeling trapped, and a feeling of doom. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help you reduce, and in some cases, even eliminate these attacks altogether. Panic attacks are perpetuated by the panic cycle.  The cycle often begins with a change in a physical sensation in the body (i.e. increased heart rate) which the mind then interprets as a danger signal that something is going wrong ("I'm losing control") which subsequently increases the heart rate. This in turn leads to more negative thoughts, continuing to exacerbate the physical symptoms of the attack. Using CBT, Dan can help you to change your interpretations of the physical sensations, as they arise, and through direct methods, can help you face your panic attacks head on and release their grip on you. 

Panic Disorder

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